Parlor Coffee

Food options each day range from vegan sweets and bagel sandwiches (very common to Brussels cafes), to waffles, bacon and even French toast on weekends.


I’m always most intrigued by their bakery items as each time I drop by, they are offering something new. From gluten free banana breads to vegan cheesecakes, though I’m neither gluten free or vegan, I am always intrigued to try as the aspiring baker that I am.

In terms of offerings I’ve tried, the star of the show is matcha. Their matcha “brownie” is studded with chia and others seeds and their matcha latte is one of the most successful I’ve had.

30070772470_fc121c4e73_o30332443266_6992578ebe_o30281631031_4e35001881_o (1)

I also like their gorgeous juices, even if you do have to pay more than you may like. Though, I guess it’s standard as far as juices go. I remember paying $8 for a small green juice in San Francisco; it was lukewarm and tasted like my front lawn, but all the celebrities love the place on instagram. Classic. These juices actually taste great, so try it out.


The café is spacious with its upstairs seating as well so that weekday and weekend you are likely to find a cozy spot. The space is brightly lit thanks to large windows that peek out to the quaint Chatelain neighborhood of Brussels. The outlets are also plenty, making Parlor a prime place to get some work done and eat and drink your way through the menu.



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