Jat’ Café

Trusty, trusty Jat’. The café is spacious enough to never feel too uncomfortably packed. Its location is prime, just off Mont des Arts, one of the most beautiful overlooks Brussels has to offer.

I love stopping in for a nice weekend brunch, chatting with friends reliving our weekends over warm coffees and fresh made juices. Most of the seats are couches, making for a comfy set up for these lazy Sundays or for a weekday space to get some work done.

The drinks are tasty and always served with a flavorful, almondy-tasting coconut macaroon. Most times when I have more of an appetite, I’ll go for a bagel. There’s a rather tasty chicken truffle option that always tempts, served with a green juice on the side, you can convince yourself the meal is semi-healthy.


Taking foods and drinks to go is another easy option at Jat’. With a fridge just inside the door full of ready to grab salads, sandwiches, yogurts, fruit, etc., Jat’ is a quick fix for getting a quick lunch to bring back to the office. The options here are also often healthy, which is even more of a motivator.

Jat’ offers a rotating menu of new drinks and lattes as well, making each trip an opportunity for a new drink discovery. Some drinks are more over the top, covered with a few layers worth of whipped cream. The indulgence is nice. More often I opt for a cappuccino.

As a warning, while you order, you’ll be tempted by dozens of bakery items—croissants, pain au chocolat, muffins, cookies, all the good stuff.

Plenty to enjoy and plenty of options, which guarantees you can take multiple trips to Jat’ without getting bored.

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