Let’s get engaged

Humans crave connection, but more than that they crave deep connection where both sides are fully engaged.

Life is most rewarding when there’s connection and this fact applies both to day to day, face to face interactions, as well as online interactions. Both forms are processes of connecting where I see most benefits when everyone feels engaged.

I’ve noted a yearning for this feeling of engagement personally, and I also read a post by Media Shift on the matter, which more so tied this engagement mentality to social networks.

Reflecting on my own relationships, the ones that have continued for many years share a commonality – I am most myself with these people. I am genuine; they are genuine. When able to connect with the deepest, most visceral version of people, it is natural to more deeply connect. You are both equally engaged in the friendship.


With this in mind, I thought about the synonyms and words associated with “engagement”. A Forbes article also brought me to the word genuine, which I find key to understanding what adds value to life in terms of connection.

My favorite paragraph from the article reads,

The worst kind of dinner guest is the person who does not care what anyone else is saying and will stop at nothing to get his or her point across. No one likes those guests. Just like no one likes those brands.

In much the same way as lasting relationships and friendships are built on authenticity, so too is authenticity important in the world of social media and with respect to brands.

Wednesday thoughts.

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