Croissants, a way of life

Croissants are such a universal breakfast choice in Belgium that you’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative. I’m not complaining.

Le Pain Quotidien – croissant aux amandes

The coolest part is that croissants in Belgium are like people; no two are alike. While I’m still on the hunt for a croissant that trumps the ones at my beloved Batch Bakehouse, you can tell when a croissant has been made with love.

My current favorite and discovery this morning actually was the croissant aux amandes at Le Pain Quotidien. There a few of these cafes scattered throughout Belgium and this one happens to be a five or so minute walk from my house. C’est parfait.

Now, my roommate is a big fan of the croissant at De Decker right next door to my recent favorite and now after having had both, I love to note the stark differences between the two.

De Decker - croissant aux amandes
De Decker – croissant aux amandes

One is dense and doughy and the entire croissant has a marked almond extract sweetness to it, yet no distinct almond paste in the center as is the case with the one at Le Pain Quotidien.

I think my love for the latter is tied to its similarity to Batch’s frangipane croissant. The texture is much lighter, more airy.  They are quite similar and differ if only in size, with Batch’s croissant being the much larger one because, well, America.

More croissant reviews to come but for now I’ll sit tight in my happiness at having found one that reminds me of home.

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