Hosteling in Brussels

There are waffles in the vending machine. To an American, this is a true indication of a quality hostel. Though in Belgium, this is the norm. It is hard to find and truly odd for a vending machine to not have waffles.

And after spending two weeks in this country, I’ve realized that the same goes for coffee vending machines. They are much more commonplace than you might expect.


Anyways, the first three or so nights in Brussels were spent at Sleepwell Hostel in the city center, where I first witnessed these top notch vending machines. Though I realized that the vending machines were not unique to the hostel, this was a respectable place to stay regardless.

The only marker that Sleepwell is a hostel is its name. One look at the rooms and you’ll instead be deeming Sleepwell a hotel. It’s so clean and updated, yet the price is representative of its hostel moniker. How can this place get any better.

Free breakfast, that’s how.

Three nights in the hostel meant three mornings of fresh breads smeared with chocolate hazelnut and speculoos spreads and, of course, all the espresso and café lattes.

On top of the food, the location of the hostel is prime. Set just off the main city center, Sleepwell made it easy for us to explore the heart of Brussels in our first few days in the new city. An easy five to ten minute walk to all the friteries, restaurants and bars, and even closer to shopping (aka three separate H&M’s on the same exact street), it’s easy to take advantage of all that is Brussels.

As an added anecdote and pro-tip, don’t henna your hair so close to when you’ll be renting a white towel from the hostel. It will turn orange.

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